Go global with PT Digital Services...

We create hard-working Web sites for small and medium sized businesses

Got a business? You need a Web site. Because:

  • you get instant access to a hundred million new customers; and
  • it's good customer service. If your customers need more info it's instantly available, and if they're ready to buy, they can, 24 x 7, and
  • it helps you to grow your business at minimal cost.

We'll create the site you want, within your budget

Leave it to us. We'll handle all the details to create a new site for you. If you already have a site, we'll revamp it to suit your current needs. We'll work within your budget to make sure you get a great return on your investment.

It all starts with the plan for your site. Tell us what you want your site to do --- publicise your business, give information, sell --- we'll make it happen (More...)

Here's how you can use your hard-working site:

Use your site to publicise your business

The Web takes your business global. We'll help new customers to find you, whether they're in Dallas, Kyoto or London. Or in the next suburb. We'll use the right keywords so search engines will index your site efficiently and we submit your site to hundreds of search engines (More...)

Use your site to give information about your business

With enough information, your site can turn a prospect into a customer. We'll create an information-rich site with text and images, plus video and sound if approprate, to give your customers all the information they need when they're deciding to buy (More...)

Use your site to sell

Use your site to sell your products and services. We'll create an Internet shopping site for your business with secure credit card transactions (More...)